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"Labeling" threads in Wads and Mods, recommending good wads etc.

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When I visited Doomworld after a longer time and looked at several threads, I was a witness of several, like, unfairnesses. It seems it's no rarity when the time and effort put into a serious project doesn't get rewarded appropriately. It's no rarity when such project is overlooked, while another project of lesser quality tends to get in the spotlight. The reasons for this are different, we all know millions of examples, but better stop talking about them now.

It would be neat if we could establish some kind of "Quick labeling system" or some another thing that will serve this purpose: To let people know which wads/projects/places are worth to look at. To recommend most recent good wads to public before they fall into the depths of high-number Doomworld page indexes and oblivion.

Here I should stop for a while and explain in detail to avoid misconceptions: First, what I mean is not a "Rating system", such as we have on the /idgames archive. My idea isn't about comparing quality in number of stars. I either don't mean "Reviewing system" like the time-proven Newstuff Chronicles. They take too long to compile. The idea I would like to share with you is about "immediate-ness". (my English cannot express better) What I mean, I may compare with Facebook "Likes", but only superficially.

Here is just an example of how my vision *might* look like:


Today there are 2 discussed wads


Damned: I like a wad A by moravectomasekcb: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/A.
        Great visuals and fun to play, and author is a newbie!
    *dew, Cyberreality, enkeli33, scifista42 and Method like this too

Method: I recently played a wad by Damned called B which impressed
        me so much I have to share it with you: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/B. Good job, as always :wink:
    *Gusta and scifista42 like this too
I didn't think much about actual technical solution of this. That may be the object of discussion. But one of the (imperfect) ways to implement "Recommending system" might be a couple of sticked-threads, one named "Recommend a wad! Thread" and second "Recent Wad Recommendations". People would post their nominations in the first thread, while the second thread will be locked and contain only first post. In the worse case, *accredited person* will continuously update the first post of second thread so it will contain only the most recent recommendations. But best of all would be if this process could get, somehow, automated - so it won't need a caretaker, only a supervisor/moderator.

This is just a rough description of an idea that suddenly emerged in my mind. Now it's your turn. Feel free to discuss your opinions, other in(sane)novative ideas and possible implementations of them, in a peaceful spirit.

P.S. Names used in examples are names of actual Doomers. Apologies to all of them.

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I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I like the idea, even if it's unlikely to ever come about.

So that's a +1 from schwerpunk, I guess. :P

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