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Heretic line specials

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So, with the recent EV system overhaul, I've looked at the Heretic bindings in Eternity.

7 and 8, the stair builders, are faster than in Doom. Doom uses FLOORSPEED/4, with FLOORSPEED defined as FRACUNIT. Heretic uses FLOORSPEED undivided. (Compare EV_BuildStairs in both Doom's and Heretic's versions of p_floor.c.)

10 and 88 cannot be activated by monsters. Look at the exception lists at the top of P_CrossSpecialLine(). 10 and 88 are included in Doom's version, but in Heretic's they are both commented out.

36 has a difference in behavior between Doom and Heretic. More details in this report.

49 has different behaviors in all three engines (Doom, Heretic, and Strife). See this report for complete explanations.

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Thanks; I'll have to create new actions for those. At some point I have to do a complete re-sweep of the Heretic source to look for stuff like this I have missed.

For example I recently found a change which is responsible for terrain splashes not angering monsters in Heretic, which never made it into EE. Hence why monsters in EE are really pissy about getting splashed ;)

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Based on your analysis of the line types in Strife I also revisited the disassembly and verified the following:

(In P_UseSpecialLine:)
   mov     edx, 3         ; verifies it is still crushAndRaise...
   mov     eax, ecx
   call    EV_DoCeiling
   test    eax, eax
   jz      rettrue

(In EV_DoCeiling: - NB: case 5 also points to case 3, as in DOOM)
ceilingcase3: ; CODE XREF: EV_DoCeiling+98j
              ; DATA XREF: cseg01:0001CF5Co ...
   mov     eax, [esi+sector_t.ceilingheight]   ; crush is not set!!!
   mov     [ebx+ceiling_t.topheight], eax

ceilingcase0: ; CODE XREF: EV_DoCeiling+98j
              ; DATA XREF: cseg01:off_1CF50o
   mov     eax, [esi+sector_t.floorheight]
   mov     [ebx+ceiling_t.bottomheight], eax
   test    ebp, ebp
   jz      short loc_1D06F
   add     word ptr [ebx+16h], 8

loc_1D06F:   ; CODE XREF: EV_DoCeiling+100j
   mov     [ebx+ceiling_t.direction], 0FFFFFFFFh
   mov     [ebx+ceiling_t.speed], 65536
   jmp     short loc_1D097
So we can see that neither silentCrushAndRaise nor crushAndRaise do any crushing damage in Strife. I have adjusted Chocolate Strife to do this correctly.

Also I do not know if you're aware or if ZDoom implements it correctly, but lowerAndCrush, which does not crush in DOOM, DOES crush in Strife. Seems they literally moved the crush = true from case 3/5 up to case 2:
ceilingcase2: ; CODE XREF: EV_DoCeiling+98j
              ; DATA XREF: cseg01:0001CF58o
   mov     [edx+ceiling_t.crush], 1
   mov     eax, [esi+sector_t.floorheight]
   mov     [edx+ceiling_t.direction], 0FFFFFFFFh
   mov     [edx+ceiling_t.speed], 65536
   mov     [edx+ceiling_t.bottomheight], eax
   jmp     short loc_1D097

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That's interesting, thanks.

I do not and cannot claim any credit for the difference in speed in stair building; it's something I noticed by comparing which line types had an entry in zdoom.pk3:xlat/heretic.txt but weren't listed in Heretic's section of ev_bindings.cpp. (Same for the no monster activation of line types 10 and 88.) They were already there in ZDoom r1 from 2006.

I can only claim the find for line types 36 and 49, and apparently I did a half-assed job there since I missed that line type 36's case also applied to line types 70, 71, and 98. ;)

I'll take a look at the Strife crushers in ZDoom to see if they're correct.

Edit: lowerAndCrush dealing damage was already in; but line types 25, 73, and 141 are treated identically to how they are in Doom.

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Before you guys make any changes to Strife line types based on that info, I want to note that T_MovePlane is radically altered as well, to the point I'm not sure if crush damage is *ever* inflicted by surfaces. Kaiser handled the conversion of this function in Choco Strife so I'm a little behind on understanding the changes they made, but they're not trivial.

I'll work on it and make a final report on what I figure out.

EDIT: Yeah, ok. The meaning of crush parameter to T_MovePlane is the same as it ever was. The only changes that were made were to remove some P_ChangeSector calls, for reasons I don't totally understand. Maybe related to problems caused by 3D object clipping?

As a result I fixed another bug in Chocolate Strife, though :)

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