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PrBoom+ sky issue

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Hooray, more PrBoom+ editing questions :P

So I've got some tall sky textures in Supplice. I made them tall because I didn't want them to look awful in ports with mouselook (either they will tile vertically and look bad or "stretch short skies" will be on and mutilate the texture). They work well in ZDoom, Eternity, and WinMBF. But PrBoom+ renders them way differently for some reason.

As you can see...


...versus what's seen in WinMBF (and other ports)...


PrBoom+ seems to draw the sky texture from the top-down instead of placing the texture at the horizon and going up (uh, not sure if I worded that right). Curiously this does not happen in GlBoom+ and the sky looks correct.

I've tried offsetting the texture since I'm using sky transfers, but that doesn't seem to work at all. I was going to have separate sky textures, 128px short ones and the 256px tall ones, and then just use the short ones for PrBoom+. But then I realized that wouldn't work because I have no way of telling other ports to use the tall skies over the short ones (again, because I'm using sky transfer specials I can't think of a way to do that).

Soooo I'm stumped. Is this intended behavior for PrBoom+ or perhaps a bug?

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I will certainly do that, as soon as I find out whether or not it's a bug or intended behavior. And if it's the latter, whether or not there's a way around it.

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It's a general discussion thread, not a bug report thread (that's at sourceforge), and definitely the best place to get info on this issue and the other one. In fact, if you had posted them there, your questions would probably have been answered by now.

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Ah I see, I was mistaken. I thought it was an issues thread (was thinking of the wrong thread I think). Well I'll go ahead and make a post over there then :)

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