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Walter confetti

"buckshot" dm map

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So, yesterday and today i've build this dm map based upon some chiptune remakes of Touhou music themes, and in the making of this map i've just got this idea of making a "Buckshot" style map. What is buckshot? It's a way of playing deathmatch with the only limitation of super shotgun as a weapon of choice in your fight.... level comes out imo, but i just asking to the dm professionals if i had to do something other to change \ fix.

http://dropcanvas.com/9wc07 works for doom2.exe, tested with with chocorenderlimits and don't give any problems (expect few slime trials here and there)...



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Just tested with a few bots. Very nice detail and mixture of flesh areas, hell like areas and tech. A little bit confusing at first (took me a little while to learn my way around) but a very good DM map in my opinion. I like the Megasphere area as well as no one can just automatically go for it after another user has (one will have to pull the switch for example).

Will this be made into a pack? I would like to see more personally. I'll test this with someone for duel later and might host a server for this on Zandronum.

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