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Overlooked locations and design

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Mostly in Doom 1 and 2 iwads (no dm) since they have the oldest maps, have you found any obscure locations and design you have ignored previously but recently found them actually cool or interesting. Or something you've noticed all the time but think people are overlooking. Shall it be a secret or not.

Here are locations and design I have found interesting recently:

E2M2: The room after the blue key (Very little use in this room. I always haste it through because of lack of action and items. It has actually nothing remarkable except the small window which makes it look cool. Something I'd like to visit in if it existed in real life.)
E2M5: The normal exit's entrance (I go there everytime because of the kills but never use the normal exit. The rooms with cacodemons and the demon trap are massive and stark. I like the clash between red and blue aswell.)
E3M3: The toxic bridge (Almost nothing to collect here but I just realized that the bridge reminds me of the E1M1's zigzag-bridge.)
E3M6: The normal exit (Not really cool but a very odd one. The gate is filled with EXITDOOR -textures and as I recall, the blue door is the only one in the 1993 maps where the keymarker is used as the door itself. My first playthrough was the only time I used this exit.)
MAP13: The arachnotron building (The secret is familiar but I don't think I have paid attention for the design before.)
MAP19: The room with the 5 teles (Ugly and interesting at the same time. The massive square water sector has no use and looks so empty that probably no-one has leaned towards those walls and corners.)
MAP25: Curved walls -stairway room near the exit (Another empty room. I would have expected having some torches in those niches. The room looks more remarkable when facing at the opposite direction.), also the exit room seems obscure for having no items to pick up. When the switch location is known once, there's no reason to check those corners.

Locations and design people may overlook:

E2M2: The bridge switch room (I saw a screenshot of this place in gamers.org before I had the full game so it looked exciting. The two imps offered a poor fight though.)
E2M3: Cacodemon cage (Has the obscure texture, BROWNWEL), Barrel slaughter (I've always liked this one even if the items are useless there.)
E2M5: The baron cage and the bright GRAYBIG room (Well hidden for some players, one of my favorites. The cage room is simple and neat while the next room has some E1M4 look.)
E2M7: Has lots of interesting yet obscure looking design. My favorites are the dark courtyard, the massive and empty PLANET1 room, the computer room where the cacodemon is well hidden behind the COMPTALL block and the red key room with the tiny monitoring booth
E3M7: Sector 100 where the last teleport is located. Idk why but it looks very odd, like if the blood isn't supposed to be there.
MAP06: Stone circles (The only outdoor place in the map. Despite the fight with the hellknight, this room is usually skipped.), Gibs 'n goodies -secret (Even if I found this secret in the early days, it's not too long ago how cool I found those textures there.)
MAP20: TEKGREN secret at the start. Those textures aren't much used.

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This room from E2M6:

The border-detail here is unlike everything else in the rest of the IWAD. It's a very interesting example of Sandy just mucking about. :P

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MAP05 - The Waste Tunnels: The sewers are REALLY decorated well. The ceiling looks nice and there's really good enemy placement in conjunction with the windows.

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MAP12 - interesting small building with blood near the start.
MAP16 - not really related, as it's unreachable, but I find these consoles in monster closet hilarious.
MAP26 - that place seen in a demo. It's amazing how it connects to so much places.

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Semirelevant, once I decided to storm through Doom1,2 and take screenshots of places you could never visit in normal play. Like, how is the area looking if I idclipped outside the balcony in e1m1?

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Heh, I'd say that one little missed place from map30 would also qualify...

Also, top of the eye switch in map07, lava and ledges at the end of map15, other side of the nukage tunnel in map16, other ravines in map28...

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Scypek2 said:

MAP20 - that place seen in a demo. It's amazing how it connects to so much places.

You mean MAP26 and the metal lift, right? Yeah, I like that one too.

I'd also add to the list:

  • MAP29. General detailing, mechanisms of revealing switches and the secret-nonsecret ledge with Cacos and PEs.
  • MAP25 as a whole.

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not in order of coolness:

Map29: the manc cubby on the spire when viewed from the ledge just beyond the revenant former human room (the beginning of the last act of the level).

E2M4: the indiana jones: temple of doom style room deep in the nether regions of the level (where you get locked in by the floor to ceil crusher).

E3M7: the view of the exit from the ledge that's only purpose is to hit a switch. and. The back blood area opposite the start, beyond the island in the center.

E1M6: the view of the outdoors from above was a very unique and odd design (looking down on where you grab a soul sphere on a lift).

E3M4: the BFG closet.

@Xaser: that is my desktop.

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