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The ....DEMON?!?

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Anyone ever thought of what the Cyberdemon was like before 'cyberfication'? be great to get a sprite and cut and paste / edit it so it was entirely organic, give it a Baron's attack,and stick it in a multi-episodic .WAD with it returning as the Cyberdemon later, I'll be more than happy to build a few levels if anyone wants to take the idea further.

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I seem to remember a monster on the Realm 667 Beastiary called the super demon. It was essentially an organic Cyberdemon (no robotic leg or rocket launcher).

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Mr. Chris said:

Yea, it's called the Superdemon on R667.

Not very good IMO. He points his hand to spawn projectiles in a way very similar like it was a cannon.

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This version of the monster actually shows up in the ID game Wolfenstein RPG as the final boss, the "Harbinger of Doom". Where BJ cuts off its arm and leg with the spear of destiny.

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