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Mini Commander

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Here is an announcement from Lord Virux:

I've created 2 New frontends called Doom Commander and Mini-Marine. Mini-Marine is a smaller, compact version of Doom Commander but still pulls off the same stuff. Mini-Marine is sort of a different flavor of Doom Commander. they support Vanilla Doom, Zdoom, ZdoomGL, Edge, Eternity, Boom, Jdoom, Vavoom, and Legacy. I have only tested it on Vanilla Doom and Zdoom, so I don't know how well it works with any other ports.

Here are direct links for screenshots and downloads.

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The page you requested could not be found on this server. It may have been moved or deleted.
Please check the URL and try again.


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Yeah, another frontend....:)

Lord Virux, you should copy and paste some of the KDX code into your stuff. The source is at http://kickme.to/theking it is released under GNU GPL. I guess you will save a lot of time. Anyway good luck while releasing programs for this community.

Ah, I forgot. Come over and waste your energy completely for the KDX project. I would like to have someone who brings some fresh air :)

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