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Help on Epic 2 Map12

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I enter the Alien Ship, but how the hell I open this door and reveal a secret?

The passage inside this door doesn't count as a secret, but it leds to the chaingun secret by hitting a switch inside.

Please help!

The door required for the secret:

Automap showing the position of that passage(In red):

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Normally I'd recommend DoomedSDA, but hahaha, the only UV Max listed for this map is for ZDoom! I don't blame you for getting stuck: it's probably the most opaque secret on this map (and since it's an Eternal map, that's really saying something...).

1. Get the blue key normally and come back.
2. A passage opens revealing the secret chain gun and mega armor, blocked by a force field. Step in and out of this passage.
3. NOW using that secret wall like a switch will cause it to lower, revealing a tunnel.
4. Go through the tunnel to the end, where there's a lift. Ride up that lift.
5. Step forward just off the lift to reveal a switch on the opposite wall. Shoot that switch.
6. FINALLY!! the force field opens up and the chain gun and mega armor are accessible.

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The megasphere can't be accessed until after you have the yellow key (so, near the end).

1. Go through the puzzle to get the yellow key.
2. On your way back from the yellow key room, go to the big square hallway's northwest corner. An alcove's opened up, similar to the one in the northeast corner...but not exactly alike!
3. In this alcove, the central column of green lights isn't aligned with the rest. Use that column like a switch to reveal...a switch. :)
4. Push that switch to open up the way to the megasphere.

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