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New XTHEATERIII demo level using DeePsea's new Sloped Prefabs

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New Scripted and Sloped XTHEATERIII demo level posted at sbsoftware.com. A complete section is dedicated to examples of the new Slope Prefab Tools in DeePsea 11.6. Tunnels, Pipes, Pits and Domes make for a varied environment for ZDOOM as well as examples of Hi-Res tall textures in ZDOOM.

DeePsea 11.6 now supports Direct Legacy Fraggle Script Editing, New PALETTE Editor tools, ZDOOM Sloped Prefabs, more Hi-Res Texture preview enhancements, Automated ACS editing, and ZDOOM Dehacked Lump editing and some more stuff.

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Heh, sounds cool. Pity I cant pay for the full DeepSea though :/

(Heh unless your willing to donate me a copy?? :P )

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