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Eris Falling

ZDoom short barrels?

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So, in an attempt to start playing Doom PROPERLY, without a crosshair and freelook, I remember one of the issues I had before modernising my playing style.

It seems that (in ZDoom 2.6.1 and recent versions at least) without freelook, it is not possible to shoot barrels that are on the same floor height as the player. The hitscan will pass over the barrel completely.

An example, in E1M2.

Are there any ways of fixing this?
Cheers in advance.

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Autoaim not enabled in player setup, perchance?

You don't have the autoaim enabled. Player Setup -> Autoaim always

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I thought Autoaim got those. Let me start up ZDoom and try again, and if not... try using Prboom+ if you're going for a "proper" Doom experience without the limitations that Chocolate Doom or Doom95 retains

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schwerpunk said:

Is that Mars & Phobos...?

Anyway, thanks. I shall display it proudly for at least one week.

Hahaha, loving the new signature :P And yes, it is Eris and Dysnomia.

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Why did ZDoom change the height of the barrels to such a height, 34, in the first place, when coming up with 'real heights' for decoration mobjs?*

Why not something that can be hit by a player on the same level without autoaim or freelook? Namely 44+ (by default any attack originates from the centre of the mobj plus 16 and given the player is 56 high, his attacks emerge at 44 high.

In Doomsday for instance, the height was/is set at 56, the same height as the player.

*In Vanilla Doom, all d├ęcor mobjs have a height of 16, but the player is prevented from crossing the solid ones due to the Vanilla limitation that mobjs can't pass over/under each other.

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That was a typo when the barrel was converted to DECORATE 7 years ago. Weird that nobody ever notived in all that time... :?

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