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Medusa's freezer???

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hello everybody;
in a wad i encountered a monster "Medusa", it has an ability to freeze the player, i checked out the decoration, but i couldn't understand it, it has no acs attached to it, so do you know how i create a monster with this ability, thanx in adv.

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If the OP means this Medusa, then the way the author had done it was to make the puff, fired/spawned by its "Gaze" attack, spawn an invisible actor that is solid (MedusaFreezer). The player will be stuck inside this thing because his and the thing's bounding boxes are overlapping each other, and thus he's unable to move until the thing disappears.

That's how the player seems to be "frozen" or "petrified" in place.

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what Blue Shadow said is the thing, so i need to add this "gaze" properties...that's all?

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