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Unfinished work for free

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Hey guys, I'm the one who tried to build that map "Two Paths For The End - A map for Plutonia (canceled)" but due to tragic event I stopped but (now things in my family are getting better than I expected) so I've been able to work on another map (the one I was working on got deleted, sorry).

Only problem is that I'm about to delete this one too for lack of time (new occupation) and I just cannot leave it in my pc until someday I decide to finish it so I'm going to put it here.

Yeah that's right, I give this unfinished map to whoever wants to finish it, don't worry about copyright if you want to finish this map you can make it yours cause I don't mind (I don't even want it), let me remind you I'm giving it cause I don't really want to delete it.


The progress so far?
-All done except monsters and other items...

IMPORTANT: It uses plutonia.wad and cc4-tex.wad for textures. I used doombuilder 2 and made it in zdoom format and I've only tested it with gzdoom.


TAKEN BY deimosoft

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Nice-looking level dude, it's a shame you won't be finishing it yourself.

I'd be happy to work on this. I usually design one section at a time, tailoring the architecture to the encounter, so having a completed level to populate will be a cool change of pace.

I'm thinking I'll make very different encounters for each difficulty level, see if I can't make the map play entirely different each time. Should be a fun experiment.

I know you said not to worry about giving credit but I'm still going to credit you for the architecture. Fair's fair.

I'll post a beta here when it's done.

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I'm very glad that I could find another fate to this map other than oblivion!

Well deimosoft, it's yours! I said not to worry about copyright but that's OK if you want to give me credit for the architecture as I honestly understand 'cause I must admit: I wouldn't be able to take an unfinished map from other author without giving him/her credit, too)

Now by the way, I could make more maps this way (only layout, sector tags, textures and brightness) and give it to others, but only if anyone asks me to, if that happen I might be able to "fight" my laziness! :)

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I've got a new map, see first post for details. Actually, I changed my mind! Maybe I'll finish it myself!

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