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Greyscale.wad goes live into Open Beta ! From the makers of Trust.wad and many more

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Hi Gang....
Just released Greyscale.wad onto my website : http://azeraaron.0fees.net/page1.htm

Blog : http://azeraaron.wordpress.com/

This is the 3rd installment of my set of lvls being released and plays as map3 when loaded up...
Please remember that if you are goin to play each installment as a stand alone map you will struggle a little more on ammo but they have been tested and can be completed...
If you wish to play all 3 maps as a compound thus far then load up all 3 maps.....
Orchard of the Macabre.wad map 1
Trust.wad map 2
Greyscale.wad map 3
Castle of the Corrupt.wad map 4 ( Closed Beta at this time )
The Dreaded Vaults.wad map 5 ( Closed Beta at this time )

Good luck and Hope you Enjoy...
Feedback on maps always helps )

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Maybe there should be a green (or even blue) armor right at the start. Fighting hordes of chaingunners without any armor at all is a bit of a pain. :)

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