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Just Starting...Need Help.

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Ok so I've just been curious on trying out wads as a hobby.

I have not been able to find a functioning editor for an iMac OS X. The links on the editors page on this website are all broken.
I've tried just getting DoomBuilder from windows and using Boot Camp to make it function on my mac but Boot Camp is no longer functional either.
It seems I've tried every road and there's always some problem in some way shape or form with it.

Hope I can get some help.
Would be much appreciated. :)

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What's going wrong with Boot Camp?

Personally I use Parallels to run Doom Builder and other associated tools in a virtualized Win7 box on my Mac.

You might be able to use Slade natively, though I'm not sure what the completion/functionality status is on its map editor or its Mac port.

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