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what musical format is doom's music composed in?

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The music bobby prince composed for doom and wolf3D almost all follow a similar progression or style or whatever. I remember reading here a while ago, someone said that doom's music is in a contemporary blues something something style. What was that called again? I haven't had any luck searching for the post that said it.

Could someone explain what that is in english the best they can to someone (myself) who hasn't had any musical education and has never played an instrument?

I want to see if I can edit some thrash metal midis by snipping some good riffs and transposing them to different octaves and create some tracks that sound like something bobby prince would have made for doom. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I don't think there's really a single hard rule that can be applied to the entirety of Doom's music, but a lot of it makes use of the 12-bar blues progression. Depending on the harmonic complexity of the base material you're working with, you might be able to simply transpose it to match the different chords of the progression, or it might require more intricate adjustment of individual notes.

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pick random metal riff, throw it into 12 bar blues, feel free to get creative on the turn-arounds.

4 bars at root
2 bars at 4th (transposed up by 5 semitones)
2 bars at root
2 bars at 5th (transposed up by 7 semitones)
2 bars at root

there are many variants, one of the most popular is replacing the 2 bars of 5th with 1 at 5th then 1 at 4th. for more info see you're friendly neighborhood wiki page

edit: essel beat me toit, but whatever

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