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(solved) give 2 player1s (real & dummy) different tid

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I want a normal player1 and a dummy player1 to have 2 TIDs so I can print how close they are on x/y axis.

I tried this from the zdoom wiki:

Script 4 ENTER
    Thing_ChangeTID(0, 1000 + PlayerNumber()); // This assigns the TID
    print(d: 1000 + playernumber());
But now they both have the TID of 1000 because they both entered to trigger that. So I erased that script, and manually gave both player1s a tag under the action menu. That doesn't seem to give them tids though (thrustthingz didn't work on either of them).

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That worked. I put dummy player1 in a sector with wind to make him walk over a line that triggers script 2 which changes his tid (wind because I can't thrust him over the line since he has no tid to thrust at the beginning).

#include "zcommon.acs"

//this only happens once I think, despite there being 2 player1s
script 1 enter

//put dummy player1 on dummy sector 
//with wind to make him walk over line that acs_executes this script
script 2 (void)

//now they both have a tid and both jump
script 3 open

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