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Local door woes

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I've just begun trying (trying) to create maps in WadAuthor but I'm stuck on creating a local door joining two sectors. Are there any beginners' tutorials out there for newbies like me using WadAuthor? Or can someone explain to me the art of making a very basic local door? I've tried following the help file word-for-word, but it doesn't work out in the end.


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You probably have almost everyting you need set up. Let's say that your two rooms have floor at 0, ceiling at 128. The door sector joining the two rooms should have both floor and ceiling at 0.

Now, make sure that the line at each face of the door is facing outward, into the room. This means that "side one" of the line faces out into the room where the player can activate it. Side one is the side with the little perpendicular line in the center. WadAuthor has a "flip linedef" function....select the line, right click, flip linedef if needed. You do know that you can use the v, l, s keys to put WadAuthor into vertex only, line only, sector only mode? Makes selecting easier. N clears mode. T is thing mode.

The door lines need an upper texture, a door texture, and their main texture is null, or -.

For the door tracks, check the lower unpegged box so that the tracks do not appear to slide up and down. Don't check this box for the main door textures.

To make the door work, each face of the door (line) needs to be set as "local door" and also have the "type" selected to make the door act as you wish. There are no tags needed with this type of door.

Open doom2.wad and look at the door in map01. You'll see the things I mentioned.

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I think I finally figured it out. I even made one twice in a row.

Thank you very much for your help.

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In the Level Editing section of my DOOM Editing Resource I've got a beginners tutorial for editing with WadAuthor. Lots of other stuff too.


If there's anything you want to see there let me know and I'll write it up.

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