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Carnivores Cityscape Let's Play

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Hello Everyone, your friendly neighborhood ponyfag Clonehunter here shamelessly advertising my new Let's Play, or at least a sorta test run.

Anyways, the name of the game is Carnivores Cityscape, the fourth entry in Action Forms Carnivores franchise, minus the fact Cityscape wasn't actually developed by Action Forms at all. Regardless, it's the black sheep of the family for more reasons than that. Anyway, the first level only here, as I just wanted some feedback. I'm probably going to continue regardless for the skae of making it through this game which I really don't like after only two levels, but for the sake of enjoying the other three games I decided to play through this one (Lame reason? Probably, but I don't care how weak of a reason this is). However my other plan is to do some levels in a Singleplayer mode, other levels in Cooperative, and some episodes that just showcase Multiplayer. Granted those all require participation, and in turth I have no idea how that may go. Anyways, here's the video in disgusting 480p as for whatever reason and most likely due to not compressing and size fiascos and Sony Vegas 8 newbieness this didn't come out in the high quality I expected it too.

Regardless, Carnivores Cityscape Let's Play, Episode One:

Figured I'd share it here anyways among other places...

Oh, and yes the sound for the first 56 seconds is all fucked because the music volume was a little cranked, but I turn it down after that.

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