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[Release] Herbtech

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My first Doom 2 map is now finally somewhat complete!

Herbtech is a single level set in a facility dedicated to the research and development of genetically manipulated plants. Abandoned due to the demon invasion, it's slowly being consumed by a rogue experimental plant. You simply need to survive through it!

This is the first time I've made custom textures for any game. I wanted the level to have a very unique appearance. The looks are inspired mainly by old computer mainframes from the 60's and 70's. I simply gave them a retro-futuristic spin. The very non-Doom look of this thing is probably gonna divide opinions, but this is what I wanted.

You are allowed to use the custom textures in your projects, as long as you give credit!

Herbtech.wad is now in /newstuff, but here's an alternate download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ndpw0n4472avp9

Now for some screenshots.

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I enjoyed playing through this, and the new graphics are a nice touch. The secret plant was a cool reference too, overall this gets a solid 4/5 from me. Competent design and smooth gameplay.

I'd love to see more in time!

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I think I remember seeing this a while ago. :D I really love the visual style, and how it seems to work in a weird sort of way with Doom's texture set.

Great little map, if a bit short. Loved all the secrets. :) Is there anything else planned for this project?

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There was what appeared to be a texture problem that I was about to notify you of until I realized it was intentional, lol. :P

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Ribbiks said:

what port?

ZDoom. I've just tried to run it in Eternity and encountered some strange bugs and oddities with its behavior (of the "this door won't open unless I change some compatibility setting, but then the entire level collapses in a pile of HOMs" variety), so there are probably some "ZDoomisms" in it.

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Only one map? What a shame.
This is amazing! :)

Cute graphics and simple-but-nice gameplay (because beauty is in simplicity, how one proverb says).
I especially praise the secret. You know, that secret :D. The soulsphere one.
Hey NerdKoopa, good job there ;)

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