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Vile Advance, my new map. Please test!

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I kept re-recording over the same demo, so the first part is more optimized and the red key door was a first attempt (died there):

I like it, looks good. Yeah the gameplay isn't "slaughtermappy" and has cover to kinda kill stuff from safety unless you try to go as fast as possible. Viles are mostly used for their blast attack without resurrecting much. Kind of nonlinear route design, but that usually means find the best route, like the one with the ssg first. the double rev viles were difficult without pre knowledge (maybe even more fun if all viles/revs appeared at same time, but that would be hard). Helps knowing where soulspheres are a lot.

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Pretty good for a map with zero start-to-crate rating. Here is a FDA. I died after ~140/180 monsters and didn't want to try again but I'm not saying that this map has low replayability, more like I'm just losing interest in Doom so I rarely feel like replaying stuff nowadays.

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Thanks for the demos. Not sure if the red door is too hard, might adjust a few things. Also the chainsaw is really pointless.

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Here's my FDA (in ZDoom)


Had I realized earlier that I glossed over the super shotgun switch, I definitely would have gotten a lot further.

My second run was much more successful, and I definitely like the level. It uses arch-viles tastefully and is fairly hard in a very good way, and its aesthetic is pretty good.

I don't think the red door is too hard. The two pillars right next to the door allow you to block the arch-viles' attacks, which is how I survived without getting hit by either of them. If they don't stick together or stay close enough to the pillar for you to stun the one you can't hide from, I imagine it would be a lot of trouble, though. But at that point your game plan should be to run away through one of the other doors and fight a battle of attrition with them and the various zombies and imps they might resurrect.

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Okay, I've made a few small changes.


Mainly making the blood in the last room non damaging (it was just annoying), making the SSG switch more obvious, replacing the chainsaw with berserk (more useful for viles if you really need it) and fixing some monsters waking up before they should.

There's also one more Vile replacing a couple Hell Knights, but he shouldn't be too hard.

If there are no big problems with this, I'll upload to idgames soon.

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