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Help With ZDoom Wars

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-----------------------Help With ZDoom Wars----------------------------

Now, there's a wad title you probably haven't heard for a while...

Ahem..., anyway, I was just wanting to check this out, but for the life of me I can't get it working. Was just wondering if anyone out there still plays this and could possibly lend a hand?

I have the following files, all in the same directory:

gzdoome.exe(Version: r1483.7z)

It is the same directory that I always play in. I have heard that there was a complete file download (of decent size) but I could never find a link. Relentless Google searching didn't help either.

I attempt to play it by dragging the two ZDoomWars files over but I get this error:

Script error, "ZDoomWarsIv2.6d.pk3:actors/global/items.txt" line 287:
Parent type 'MaxHealthBonus' not found in ZUpgradeStamina
Script error, "ZDoomWarsIv2.6d.pk3:actors/global/items.txt" line 289:
"inventory.amount" requires an actor of type "Inventory"

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "ZDoomWarsIv2.6d.pk3:actors/global/items.txt" line 289:
Unexpected '5' in definition of 'ZUpgradeStamina'


I also heard that you needed "factions"(?) but, I'm not sure I know what that means and I couldn't find anything relevant for download.

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Zdoom wars is probably meant for Zandronum as it's a multiplayer addon. Being so, you might want to ask on their forums.

There are many zdoom wars servers that are up, simply loading a server will download all the necessary files for you.

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Okay, I see, just saw "ZDoom" in the title and assumed GZDoom would be good enough. My mistake, and thank you guys so much for the help!

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Yeah, that was my bad. ZDoom Wars sounded so much better than Skulltag Wars, and for the first year or so of development, it didn't actually run in Skulltag due to some features I had used.

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I really appreciate the help. The idea behind ZDoom Wars alone is brilliant. I heard though, that while it is not really meant for it, it can be Single Player, but isn't Zandronum online only? I have usually always stuck with ZDoom/GZDoom and, at one time, Risen 3D.


I really never enjoy playing Doom online. I just get creamed so fast, there's never any time to practice in that setting. **

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