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Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

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For fun, why don't we compile a fantasy megawad list made up of the best maps from the many megawads released over the years?


1. Votes on maps from Hell on Earth, Evilution, the Plutonia Experiment and any megawads made for these IWADs are all eligible. (Ultimate) Doom and it's PWADs aren't as they would mess with the format but a seperate one could be done for that.

2. No restrictions on ports

3. Only one vote per person per mapslot

4. Only one level per megawad in the final 32 so be prepared to pick only your favourite Plutonia/Alien Vendetta/Etc map.

5. You're voting for not just the best maps but the most definitive maps their respective slots. Which is more appropriate for maps in 'special' slots like MAP01, MAP07, MAP15, MAP29, MAP30, MAP31 and MAP32 for example.

6. Explanations are not mandatory but might help persuade others to agree with you.

7. This is just for fun, I'm not suggesting we create an actual WAD, which would probably break permissions anyway.

8. Follow the format (Mapslot/title/author/megawad/reason) below:

Dead Simple
Sandy Petersen
Hell on Earth

The original and best example of it's kind. Often imitated but never knowingly beaten for simple arena-based action. Doom distilled.

9. No limits on on number of maps per author and you may vote for your own maps if you must.

10. Voting stops when Doom becomes 20.

I'll add some more votes later and will make an updating maplist after we've had a page or so of votes. Debate nicely everyone!

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Speed of Doom

Instantly came to mind, one of my favorite PWAD maps of all time.
Also: (May add to this as I think of them)

Entryway Pass
Doom Marine
Deus Vult II: First Edition


Blood Sacrifice
Kim André Malde
Alien Vendetta

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Martin Aalen Hunsager
Alien Vendetta

Not only AV's best map (IMO), but an appropriate episode closure.

Monster Mansion
Jim Flynn
Eternal Doom

Proof that house maps don't have to suck. Also pretty fitting for a secret level.

Map 28
City of the Unavenged
Jens Nielsen
Memento Mori

My favorite city map. The whole level seems like a puzzle, but the progression never feels too obtuse.

Map 22
Reactor Related Fuel Refinary
Thomas Moeller
Memento Mori II

Moeller level design at it's finest.

Adelusion / Florian Helmberger

Requiem has a lot of great levels, but none really stand out as the best. I guess I'll just choose this one; it's an example of lots of cool architecture being squeezed into something extremely short.

Feeding Frenzy
Gregg Anderson

Map11 is already taken, so I'm bumping this down a slot. Like Eternal Doom Map31, it shows how realistic environments can be created in doom while still having fun doom-ish gameplay.

Jim Lowell

A nice episode opener with a good amount of memorable unrepetitive room designs.

Stephen Clark
Community Chest

Fun face-paced episode closure

To Hell and Back
Ian "The Flange Peddler" Cunnings
Community Chest II

Uber-detail done right. Also manages to use the 666 tags in a cool way without seeming too much like a Map07 knockoff.

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I'll add a couple more votes in response to some I've seen here:

Misri Halek
Kim André Malde
Alien Vendetta

A feat in vanilla limit engineering to rival SiD and a behemoth of a map to end an episode with. I thought this would be a shoe-in but AV is such a strong megawad it might suffer from scattered vote syndrome.

Mucus Flow
Community Chest 2

A massive community favourite and generally accepted to be the highlight of the set. Otherworldy.

Darkness Without End
Speed of Doom

MAP30 is not so hot on competition so I've picked this one as it actually looks like the centre of Hell.

Processingcontrol, if you've picked two MAP11's you'll have to drop one. Sorry no moving to new slots allowed, that's part of the challenge.

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I second AV's Misri Halek for m20, which means:

The Shaman's Device
Community Chest 4

CC4 might as well be considered some kind of best-of compilation in its own right, and Kassman's two maps were the best of the best.

Paul Corfiatis
Whispers of Satan

For me, the span between m16 (Undervilla) and m19 (Cryosleep) was the most memorable part of a memorable megawad--haunting, beautiful, desolate, and with an unusual theme.

Also seconding CC2 Mucus Flows for 24

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purist said:

Mucus Flow
Community Chest 2

A massive community favourite and generally accepted to be the highlight of the set. Otherworldy.

I second this choice.

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WOS to me:

Paul Corfiatis

CC4 has a Vulcana II, and it was a legendary map. I also like

Sacrificial Grounds
Kristian Aro

This level felt unique. In a very good way.

Maybe I could pick Vulcana II and Sacrificial Grounds?

Not sure if this counts, but a contender for the final map:

Shai'tan's Luck
Christopher Shepherd

An extremely unique map. It's a huge slaugtermap with well over 1k monsters. And while you fight the hordes, you get some nasty surprises that only get worse. And the secrets are unique as well. One of my favorite Map30s, if not my favorite.

Post Mortem
Yonnaton Donner (sp?)
Hell Revealed

It's earned it's place in history. 'Nuff said.

Semi-Honorable Mention!!!

Dark Tartarus (name of megawad and level)
Lee Hanchi

I cannot include this in my recommended picks due to gameplay having too many flaws. But the architecture/detail of this map is nearly unheard of. Perhaps the only non-hellish level I will recommend for this, as I am a major fan of hell maps.

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