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classic levels on azaraaron

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Currently going through the old hard drive and digging out the best of the WadFactory classics and uploading for all to enjoy on AZERAARON blog.


Recently uploaded:

COLD.WAD - it's mean and cold
SKULL.WAD (it's got a big skull)
BOGOFF.WAD - a big fight in a public toilet
CHURCH.WAD - enter if you think you're hard enough
MYHOUSE.WAD - Get out of my house!
NCP.WAD - one of my favourite deathmatch levels, in a car park!

http://azeraaron.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/church1.jpg http://azeraaron.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/skull3.jpg.jpg

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Nice stuff, I loved this view in church.wad. It's also a fun map for single player with a hectic start.

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Thanks - there was a much larger version of church that went down into a lava filled catacombe but I can't seem to find the wad.

The start is pretty hard you have to stay outside and tempt the creatures to come to the gate - if you srole in you just get pasted.

I think we used to use DEUTEX to add the graphics etc - but that doesn't seem to want to run any more, can anyone suggest the best new editor for adding graphics and sounds etc? I want to edit some of the old graphic wads.

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:O EXCELLENT! Thanks for uploading these. I agree with Memfis, that view looks great. Edit: Have a demo I found just one problem and that was the two imps that were constricted at the start.

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