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ZDaemon Solo Speedrun League

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Hey all, I'd like to drop an idea with you, hoping for feedback on what's good; what's bad; what could be better. Because with the upcoming ZD release, we'll be looking forward to give you something to look forward to. The idea:

  • We have a couple of passworded* servers with server-side demo recording and map voting enabled; and with a link to a site where demos automatically get uploaded to after a map ends/resets.
  • One map per week. Player limit is 1, spectators are free to watch. Any player can enter this server and have a go at any time through the week from Sunday 1st @ 00:00 UTC to monday 7th @ 11:30 UTC.
  • We host a short wad found in the depths of idgames that we normally wouldn't run for TNS for whatever reason. We assess the wad and try pick a map we feel will be very interesting to speedrun.
  • Players could join the league at any time if they wish. They don't have to play every week either. A single season would last perhaps 3-6 months. Perhaps it could be reset yearly (old seasons get archived, of course).
  • They have ONE shot on our difficulty brand (OS). They must:
    1) Stay alive
    2) Kill all monsters (excluding souls)
    3) Get 100% secrets
    3) Finish level in the quickest possible time
    4) Post their time and screenshot in forums after completion
  • Then they post their time/damage and include a screenshot in the ZD TNS/Leagues sub-forum to say they've completed or failed their run.
  • We view the demos from where they get stored (for example, here)and confirm that there is only one legit attempt by the player.
  • We would use a ladder and points system similar to Formula 1. Ranking is judged time to finish a map, fastest time giving most points. Damage collection would be just for some fun stats, of course!
*Servers will have a password to play. Anybody can spectate. We would give out a password for anybody who shows interest in le forums.

So yeah, thoughts?

Edit: Included 100% Secrets (UV MAX). We could maybe do different categories as well.

Edit again: Forgot to mention that we'd of course use a wad (that harnesses the awesome power of PATCHINF) to remove all multi-player things.

Another edit: I assumed that you would all assume that we would use OS settings. Well, I better confirm this: Yes we most certainly would. :)

Yet another edit: It might be better to allow multiple runs...

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I suppose that having to play online (i.e. with lag) is a huge turn off for most people around here. It feels really uncomfortable compared to playing offline and stuff like killing cybers in 2 BFG shots becomes extremely unreliable. Also there are very few players who use ZDoom-based engines for demo recording nowadays, especially for the wads that work perfectly fine in doom2.exe or prboom-plus. So... good luck with getting responses I guess. :p

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1.09 Netcode makes it feel just like SP. You fear some real competition, come on. :)

As for mentioning ZDoom-based ports: ZDaemon is extremely close to vanilla.

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this is a weird idea, but... why not, heh.

- 99% of the lag issues will be always tied to PVP... monsters just move too slow to factor into that. playing on a continental server should be fine with advanced unlagged.
- demorecorders here at DWF hate zdoom because it's not backwards compatible, so demos get broken with every new zdoom release. zdaemon is fixed at zdoom 1.23 and keeps backward compatibility.

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