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what makes a good hell level?

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I know that lots of reds and lava/blood are a must

I had a crazy idea I might go through with...
a 5-part series: starring wolf3d, doom, doom2, heretic, hexen

all being hell stories! starting from the beginning of id's first person shooters and ending with raven's last doom engine upgrade, with doom resources throughout. I may do strife but probably leaning more towards quake if I do end up doing this. but yeah, I have to make some good levels that get praise before ever considering a megawad.

Any pointers?

this could be a branchoff of another question I could simply ask too: what do YOU think makes a good doom/heretic/hexen level? I already know switch-hunts are bad from experience lol. switches now do nearby functions and that's it for me now.

what I've been making.. feel free to bash it to all hell if it belongs:

http://www.jerrylehr.com/abaddondemo/abaddondemo1.pk3 <- just map and a few textures
http://www.jerrylehr.com/abaddondemo/abaddondemo2.pk3 <- same, with mp3 music

note: abaddondemo2.pk3 still uploading at time of posting this in case of confusion.

also let me know what you think of the mp3 music, it covers the title, map01 and map02

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attention! I fuckered up!


try these instead ;)

let me also state clearly I haven't started the 1950's portion... go beyond the fourth house and there's an entry to the dark portion that leads to the tomb of cain after the cemetary beyond the forest. that goes to hell... just save it there lol

bah, you'll also notice in this edit that I grabbed the wrong map02 music in a hurry. there really isn't a map02 map so therefore its one of the others if you really want to figure it out lol. other than that let's just leave it at title and map01 :D

I do say quite a jackass experience this forum posting tragedy turned out but I saved doomworld the hell at least of me uploading a level to the archives, that I do say would be horrid. Although I think single levels should be my thing before such crazy ideas.

PS I realize everyone is switcherooming right now. I want to play!

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Just from the little bit I played, here are my thoughts:

The entire first part is largely unnecessary. The first room is comically under detailed, and the the buildings you can enter are a red herring - unless they unlock some kind of secret, I can't see any point for the player to enter them. More problematic is the fact the way into the crypt is not obvious, so I thought maybe it was in one of the buildings, only to find out I had to press spacebar on a completely inconspicuous unmarked coffin instead. I would suggest cutting most of this part out aside from maybe the cemetary itself.

(EDIT: I just read that you weren't actually done with this portion, so I guess that helps explain that)

Once you enter the tomb, I stumbled around a bit before going into the bright bloody room, where I died at the entrance to the next room because the floor that looked safe turned out to also be damaging. I restarted and got back, but took a different, presumably secret route. (But I wasn't told that it was a secret.) I died in there after a serious lack of ammo and didn't play any further.

The detailing on the map is pretty crude at best, you could definitely work on improving in that regard. HOWEVER, if there IS one thing I could commend you on, it's that your height variation was done pretty well. (After you actually enter the crypt, that is.)

I'd also suggest working on textures that don't match up like this:


Also, I found a HOM missing textures, that conveniently was around the place I died at the second time:


Overall, yeah, you could definitely use some practice, but it wasn't a complete and utter piece of shit by the likes of, say, Doomguy 2000.

EDIT2: On-topic, I'd say a good Hell level isn't just making it lava and red bricks. Hell levels are usually where you can get the most creative. One of my favorite Ultimate Doom levels is E3M3, which, even though it's a hell level, is really abstract.

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I forgot to stick those textures in lol I see that now I didn't playtest after packing it.

thanks for playing even when you had another project going kind sir!

Also, I now realize just how much work goes into a doom level... I've never even messed with the offsets before I'll try that.

strange you say e3m3 lol thats what got me to wanting to make a hell game in the first place, on xboxlive arcade

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levir said:

Also, I now realize just how much work goes into a doom level... I've never even messed with the offsets before I'll try that

you can use A and shift+A in doombuilder 3d mode to auto align textures horisontally and vertically, respectively. In some cases looks unconvincing, but mostly saves lots of work.

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