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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #82 - Interception (Part I)

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Come one, come all, for an epic journey into a journey that will surely twist your perspective. Keep your doc on speed dial for this one. We're gonna tear up the first 20 maps this week and leave the meaty finale for another time in another zone entirely. What? Never mind, just swing by for some Interception!

  • Skill: Ultra Violence
  • PWADs: intercep, miekskins-r3, tskins1e, bluecaco, tns82
  • Maps: map01-20
  • Lives: 1
  • Players: 20/50

  • Aus session: 19:00 AEST @ NzDoom - Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Euro session: 19:00 GMT @ [L@P] - Germany, Europe
  • US session: 19:00 EST @ DUI - New Jersey, USA
Not your thing? Impossible. Nevertheless, check out the other weekly sessions ZDaemon community members have cooked up. Tomorrow's CTF run will be zdmegactf-1f with a "public classic" map list containing mostly zdctf maps. On Saturday, the ZDS team take to the skies with some vegan-friendly random rocket jumping. If you'd like to try cooking something up for a session then join #zdevents in ZRC Chat and holler at the team. Grab ZDaemon here and join up.

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