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World of Winter - SP Map Release

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I'm glad that's the first thing you saw.

Welcome to a map that I've been working on for a while. It's called "World of Winter", and as you can guess, is set in the winter. It's a boss-fight type of map with alot of build-up before the huge decorate monster I've been working on, and it's my attempt at something remotely playable, considering I haven't released a level in years.

There's a little bit of a puzzle before the blue door, so don't rq just yet. Make sure to backtrack :D


It plays on MAP01, using D2 iwad.


Ps, there's a secret easter-egg not marked on the automap in the map. Don't spoil if you find it ;)

People who made CC4tex <3
ZDoom wiki

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For that easter egg alone when this wad gets released I'm going to give it 5/5

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Dang man, dat atmosphere. The screenshots alone make me want to give it a run through. Not to mention it's pretty damn hot in Aus right now and that place looks nice and cool..

Also it's not often I see a thread where half the posts are blank. What is this madness?!

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What's with the edited comments? SOMETHING IS AFOOT!

I'll play the map later, I always enjoy a good boss fight. :)

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