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[Resolved] ACS "Missing )" Problem

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I have the following script, however when I try and compile the editor tells me i am missing a ')'. If I comment out the second part of the if statement 'Else if' then the script compiles fine. I can't see where or why it needs the closed bracket.

Script 100 (void)
Door_Close (129, 128);
Delay (1*35);
Thing_Move (20, 133, 1);
Teleport_NoFog (140);
Delay (2*35);
Pillar_Open (141, 8, 0, 0);

Delay (10*35);

if (Gameskill () <= Skill_EASY)
    ACS_Execute (101, 0);
       Else if (Gameskill () = Skill_Normal)
        ACS_Execute (102, 0);
            ACS_Execute (103, 0);
Here's a screenshot too:

Perhaps I am just being thick but does anyone have any suggestions?!?!



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Blue Shadow said:

In the line where it points out the error, the "=" should be "==".

Thank you!! I knew it would be something obvious that I'd overlooked!!!


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