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New Gzdoom map I am working on.

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If you were to take all the narrow corridors and make them thrice as wide, this map would be thrice as fun. It's hard to get anywhere because I'm constantly bumping back and forth between the walls. You should also include the vegetation sprites in your wad because the links say

"You are trying to access from a non-authorized domain. (doomworld.com)"

So I had to find them manually and create a new folder to put everything in because the wad wasn't in a zip folder.

I dig the music, but not a zillion Hell Knights and scarce ammo. I found myself suicide running through them just to find more shotgun ammo. That's as far as I got, although I plan to give it another go in a minute. Also, I'm not a fan of backtracking through narrow linear hallways after getting the red skull. You should make a shortcut back to the locked door. I know it's not a long walk back, but it just doesn't feel right.

These are just my first impressions, and someone else may have a different opinion. It's not a bad map so far, it's just host to a few of my personal peeves. Keep mapping!

I really liked the room after fighting the Arch-Vile, I'd rather fight monsters in there than the giant room before it, but it's empty. I don't really know what to do after hitting the switches though. There are four teleporters that don't do anything. This map already has too much backtracking, I didn't want to go all the way back to the beginning to get to the end.

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