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Damn April Fools!

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Ahh it didn't really fool me at all. You see the situation is as follows:

Get paid on Thursday:- Go out on the beer so you can cash cheque in local boozer.
Good Friday:- No Pubs -Off licences open. Beer Pre-Arranged. Go to party in town. Nearly die of alcohol poisoning.
Saturday:- Spend the night in the Guinness brewery "Store House Bar" drinking free pints of Guinness because the girlfriend has some sweet contacts. Nearly die again.
Easter Sunday:- Start drinking at 2:00pm. Finish at about 10:30pm. Nearly die again. Really sick at this stage.
April 1st:- Crawl out of bed, still semi-drunk, sick as a dog, dont know what day it is , don't care,turn on computer to read the news and get that in my face. It took me about 1 tenth of a second to realise what I was seeing was bs but hey, for that one-tenth of a second.........


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