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The Crypt on Azeraaron

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Grazza said:

Your posts/threads are getting too much like advertising. I've deleted one thread and blogged this one (as it kind of fits in here).

Please stop making posts (and especially new threads) that just tell people to go to your site. If there is new content posted there, then feel free to make a new post about it, but generally speaking this wouldn't be a reason for a whole new thread.

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Lippeth said:

[ img] linkgoeshere [/img ] but get rid of all the spaces.

I tried that - but it didn't seem to work.. I'll try again.

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Get rid of all text after jpg in the link

[img] http://azeraaron.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/crypt2.jpg [/img]

(but without the spaces)

I would use a lower resolution if your going to do it that way though. The thread will end up looking like a 14 year old girl's Myspace page. I use Hover Zoom for Google Chrome, so I actually prefer traditional links to giant images that I can't avoid. 50 links will take up the same space as one giant picture.

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