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Good text to speech programs?

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I've been looking for a good text to speech program. I'm getting to impatient to read long bodies of text, as it hinders me from doing other things that I like to do with my computer. So listening to documents read to me sounds pretty convenient while I'm making textures or mapping or whatever.

I'm not too picky. I just need a program that doesn't have a limit on the amount of text I'll give it to read, and isn't very resource intensive. I do a lot of my mapping on my laptop, and I tried using Super Hal Reader, and doombuilder will slow to a crawl while speaking.

Any recommendations?

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Acapela's pretty good, despite its glaring inability to say most sentences without making at least one horrible enunciation error. The British ones are just hilarious to me. :P

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My Debian says that there is a text to speech plugin for Acroread.

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