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level works fine in doom 1.6, crashes ultimate doom

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update: I fixed it (an error with using the wrong IWAD to create the pnames and textures tables; resolved.) Feel free to delete this entirely useless and faintly silly thread. >:)

I put up a level in newstuff, having tested with an old version of the vanilla game and so thinking it was in working order, but have just now tested the same in Ultimate Doom, using DosBox, and it tells me this:
W_CacheLumpNum: 7449 >= numlumps

and during loadtime, a number of messages like:
R_GenerateLookup: column without a patch (STEPTOP)
R_GenerateLookup: column without a patch (SW1GARG)

Can anyone decipher these bugs for me? It renders the level unplayable, crashing out immediately.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/68828237/mp_kp_01.zip <- if I haven't supplied enough info, here's the map.

Thanks for humouring a bad modder!

edit: ZDoom launches the level perfectly (but is ZDoom ;P)
chocolate-doom launches the level with a hilariously broken texture table

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I have no idea what other problems you're having but, the first thing you gotta do given those error messages is correct your texture resources so that there are not any vertical strips (columns) which are not covered by part of a patch.

This is a strict requirement of the vanilla game engine. ZDoom and some other ports lift that restriction and the ubiquity of it has lead people to forget this problem ever existed.

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