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Looking for good wads on odamex

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Hi i am looking for good coop wads running on my server. I know plutonia, scytche, kamasutra, equinox, tvr, requiem. What are also good wads which can run odamex ? thx for ideas

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You can try Vile Flesh, Realm of Chaos and Marswar, these are kinda obscure, I don't see them mentioned often.

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BF_THUD.WAD is pretty good.
1KILLTNG.WAD is a good underrated coop themed one.

I also like Plutonia Revisited.

I know this is new but I'd kill to have UAC Ultra 2 E1 Nightmare mode hosted on Odamex

EDIT: I browsed around my wad archive a little and picked out a few short episodes and megawads and found odessey.wad and dm2purge.wad that look like good classic coop wads too.

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