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Decorate tutorials?

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Today i made my first sprites for my custom weapon that i planned on putting in doom. I have the slade editor and i thought the scripting would be easy but i was wrong. Tutorials for scripting and using decorate are scarce. Ive tried using the tutorial on The Doom wiki but its hard to follow and i wish there were in depth video tutorials on Decorate. If you know of any GOOD video tutorials or any GOOD tutorials i would be thankful. And if you know how to script well and make a tutorial i would be even more thankfull!

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In the past, several DECORATE editors, such as DeSharp_1-0-3_Bin, had been published, but the links to them have disappeared.
Somebody may have them on a harddrive. Ask for a copy.

The best course of action is to read everything on the ZDoom WIKI

to download examples from REALM667 Repository

or to browse through the ZDoom forum

As to specific Tutorials, have a look through these for something that you find useful

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