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Psychophobia Episode 3 release?

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I have searched the web, psychophobia's page, and this forum for any news on Episode 3's release date (which I know it doesn't have one, but was hoping for a ballpark or, at least, how long it's been in production), but I find nothing.

Just curious if anyone out there has any news (no matter how vague) on how long it might be or if it is still in production (which I think it is).

Thanks for any help!

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Same with you, I couldn't find any information whatsoever. It's a great wad and it deserves a 3rd episode and it would be a shame if there was going to be no 3rd episode. Hopefully they have their heads down working on the 3rd episode, because I can't wait!

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There is no set date for it. Butcher is currently going to school and is unable to work on maps much. There will be, however, a new update with some pretty cool new things. ;)

I have direct contact with the duo working on PP, since I'm the musician, so I'm sorta up to date with such things :P

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Thanks for the info! It's great to hear that plans for episode 3 haven't been dropped. I hope, more than anything else about PP, that it has the most EPIC final boss the Doom community has ever seen!

Thanks again!

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