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PULSE.WAD - Any thoughts?

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So I was inspired to collect the oldest maps of mine which were rejects from Doom Core and compile them after looking through the "Let's make a BAD megawad" thread. So I pretty much had a megawad's worth of stuff sitting on my hard drive I haven't released. I never intended to release them but after seeing the maps in that thread I thought why not?

Basically, MAP07-MAP16 are the Doom Core rejects, MAP01, 02 & 06 were experimental maps I made I think during or after Reverie to try my hand at purposely making an old-style '94/95 WAD (it's something of a guilty pleasure). The first map though is mostly inspired from Cleimos 2. MAP03 & 04 were speedmaps I made out of boredom at one point (of which MAP04 was going to be a mini 1024 set of maps where each map is a descent from a tower). MAP05 was a speedmap that was part of a speed mapping session dedicated to Doom's birthday one year. MAP13 was the original MAP28 of Doom Core but I couldn't find a way to convert that map to vanilla at the time (but it is now vanilla compatible). MAP17 & 18 are CC4 rejects when I was a little early on the scene of mapping. MAP19 was originally going to be MAP17 of Reverie but I never finished it, and MAP20 is 1ntru's birthday map that I never released as part of a mapset like this (although at one point I was planning on putting it on the archive, but I never got around to that).


Be warned: MAP05 and MAP19 are slaughtermaps; I've never really been all that into slaughter map making so I can't really say they're all that great.


Also, question: am I allowed to have a crazy interpic like this?

[EDIT] Come to think of it, why was Hell Revealed allowed to have the BOSSBACK it had?

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fda, playing until the first death with the exception of some map which was basically an ASHWALL maze so I got bored and quit

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Somewhere out there, kmxexii is squealing with glee.

I played through a handful of the levels vary wildly in quality as one would expect. I really liked some of the small ideas you implement in the levels, like the finale of MAP02, MAP07's AV tunnel, and the start of MAP20. Most of these seem to be worth a playthrough at least.

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dobugabumaru said:

Somewhere out there, Brandon D. Lade is squealing with glee.


Looking forward to playing this.

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