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Questions About Master Levels...

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If You can answer me Whit Your own words, will be better... I know there is a lot of rejacted levels from
the Master Levels for doom II...

I only I find 7 of them...

Chris Klie

Device One, The C.P.U., The D.M.Z., The Enemy Inside, The Fury, The Hive

Tom Mustine.


My question Is There is other Levels... Where they Finish I hear some levels
was on Final doom..

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valkiriforce said:

Check out kmxexii's page for the additional WADs...

I have visited this site before but... Thank you very much It will be helpfull for someone else..

DoomGater said:

I merged Sverre Andre Kvernmo's seven individual 'cabal'-maps together into one big wad some years ago. You can download cabALL here: http://doomgate.de/content/files/wads/cab_all.zip

Thank you Very Much DoomGater. I have Sverre Andre Kvernmo on a lot of wads... I will love Play them together on a single wad.

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another Question I hear Id software, TeamTNT. Use some rejected maps for The ultimate Doom, Plutonia and TNT...

Which maps are they?

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Tom Mustaine submitted two levels to the Master Levels that ended up in TNT Evilution - MAP01 and MAP17. He was going to submit his megaWAD in development, Perdition's Gate, as a third megaWAD for Final Doom, but id finalized Final Doom before he was close to being finished.

One level from Thy Flesh Consumed was originally part of Dr. Sleep's "Inferno" series, "And Hell Followed", as Chiron. I wouldn't call it a rejected level, though.

And that's it.

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Ultimate Doom, Final Doom and the Master Levels are interestig anomalies of sorts within Doom cannon.

That evidence suggests that Final Doom was seemingly originally just going to be TNT by it'self. That Plutonia seemingly only happened by chance.

Also that ID basically had enough levels (or close, even ignoring the couple dropped due to performance) to make the Master Levels into a full blown megawad, but still stuck to their apparent goal for 20 maps/pwads.

etc etc

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