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ZDOOM - Escape Key Doesn't Work

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Hey guys, I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I've recently encountered a bit of an issue with zdoom & derivative ports like gzdoom. Apparently these programs aren't recognizing my escape key any more. Pressing escape does not bring up the main menu at all. I can only get to the main menu if I load up an IWAD and press any key other than escape. It doesn't only affect the main menu either. If I do manage to get into the main menu escape still doesn't work. I'm not able to move back one menu level or cancel a key binding in the 'customize controls' dialog. I'm pretty stumped by this.

At first I thought this was specific to a pwad I'm working on, but now that I've been looking out for it I see that this issue persists globally. I've even wiped zdoom off my system & reinstalled it in a different location. Same issue.

The key works properly outside of zdoom. I've tested it out in sveral other programs and works fine.

Any ideas?

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Does the issue persist when you delete/rename your INI file? Bear in mind that, depending on your OS configuration, it may be putting the INI file somewhere else other than the ZDoom folder itself.

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Yeah, I've tried deleting the zdoom-<username>.ini file too. Doesn't seem to have any effect. Is there another .ini file that I should be looking for? This .ini is in the same folder as zdoom. What other possible locations should I check?

My OS is sadly Vista 64x (old laptop).

Thanks for your help!

Edit: It turned out to be some sort of quirk in the OS that fixed itself after a restart.

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