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Prime Directive PUBLIC PRE-ALPHA!

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A PK3 is obtainable from this location.


So, I'm finally unleashing a version of my sequel to Space Station Omega upon the public. Being a pre-alpha, it is still in a very incomplete stage. Architecture is just plain missing, battles haven't been balanced or added, and I halt progression upon finding the yellow card. Why have I gone and uploaded it in such an incomplete state?

Quite simply, I need feedback on the marine battles. They are the one thing that will make or break this project. I'm starting to get to the point where I know how to efficiently take them down, so any balancing I attempt to do is based on a higher skill level than what the new player would bring. The marines aren't the stock ZDoom scripted marines. They're stupidly overpowered. So I've hit up DECORATE and have attempted to balance them out to be challenging but not overpowering. Encountering a couple of pistol marines can really mess your day up if you approach the battle the wrong way, for example.

So, if you please, I would kindly ask that you download and provide feedback specifically on the marine battles. Of course, there's a ton of story and other elements in there that you can comment on too. A whole heap of the branching and user choice stuff is already in there (and yes, playing Space Station Omega through will have an affect on what you see in Prime Directive).

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I don't know about anyone else,but I liked it.I would be glad to be a playtester when you are ready.Thanks.

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I think a lot of people just don't have the latest svn build of gzdoom, and are too lazy to download it, ha ha.

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heh, yeah, it's a problem. I'm using features I've requested and haven't made it in to an official release yet. You might be able to run it on the latest official GZDoom, but I haven't tested it in a while.

Someone on the ZDoom forums ran it on software ZDoom. Not advisable as I'm using sloped 3D floors, and the real time lighting system looks like balls in 8 bit mode. Mind you, GZDoom does some other bad stuff like mipmapping the starfield texture if the end user has toggled the GL blending options.

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