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Built demo that does not feature illegal tics?

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I'm going to make a video explaining how TAS works and I'd like to find a good Ultimate Doom or Doom II build demo that the public would enjoy that meets the fallowing criteria:

The player cannot have GF>50 or GB>50 tic.
The player cannot have SL>50 or SR>50 tic.
The player cannot have SL>40 or SR>40 tic if turning (TL>0 or TR>0).
This is because I don't want to show something that cannot possibly be done without TAS.

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Please clarify if you mean built or TAS, as they are quite distinct things.

TAS = played in the standard game interface (player presses keys and moves mouse) but with [some or all of] slow motion, segmentation, and extra info on-screen.

Built = created partly or fully via editing tic by tic, either manually or using a tool of some sort that enables tic-by-tic "programming" of the player's movements.

In the case of TAS demos, then pretty much all TAS demos before Andrey Budko added this feature would feature no illegal tics. After he did so, some players have avoided turning this feature on, but many have used it. (Sorry, I don't know off the top of my head which notable modern TAS players do or don't, but you could check with LMPC easily ehough, or just ask them.)

For built demos, unfortunately, illegal tics seem to have been pretty standard from the start, though some players have no doubt avoided them.

Coming back to your question, and assuming you mean TAS, then I'd suggest Cameron's pn22-123.lmp (HR map22 NM Pacifist, despite odd naming) for a nice short one, or Sedlo's 30nm1849, although it doesn't use the most modern routes, and MBF prevented him from using a few shortcust that were known at the time. Or his partial Plutonia TAS run. If you want something more Max style, then Cam's hf24-359.lmp (-complevel 3 or 5) is always a crowd pleaser. Actually, you could pretty much choose any TAS by Sedlic or Prosser without going too far wrong. :)

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I'm talking about build demos, as finding "legal" TAS demos is easy; I just refereed to TAS as the video will cover slowmotion, segmentation, SR50 mouse driver, and end with the most precise form of TAS -- build demos.

Sorry for being unclear.

I'd also like to keep it to the two original IWADs, this video is meant for very uneducated players.

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I'll go with my usual go-to TAS recommendation, Cameron Prosser's E4M6 Tyson GM in 3:46. But apart from that one anything from the first generation of TASes by Yonatan, Esko or Peo should be fine. The Tyson GM demos they did on various Doom2 levels show off decent technique and a lot of luck manipulation - Esko's MAP28 demo is a decent one, stylish and no dead bits in the middle.

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Wow, I must be confusing a lot of people, I'm looking for build demos.

Those were fantastic runs though, Ryback; glad you showed them to me. I might feature one in my video.

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