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LEGO DOOM: Mars in Bricks Episode 01 PREVIEW

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The preview is in this link!


A planned 5 episode mini series exploring what a DOOM movie should be about!

Following the link in the video can take you to the kickstarter page, where more previews can be seen.

Also in the kickstarter page is a link to the script of the 1st episode.

Support can get you a LEGO DOOM MONSTER!
or dvd or hd digital copy! Have a look!



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It seems kinda hazardous to be making a Kickstarter project for something that is derivative of two different, high-profile IPs which I doubt you have licensed from their owners. You could get it by a C&D from either Id Software, Lego Group, or both.

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well kickstarter allowed it so... it should be ok, it's been nearly 60 days and still nothing, and i have posted it on lego and doom facebook pages so. i think it would be ok, if they asked me to stop i would, but they haven't so i think maybe ID and lego are cool with it so far.

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