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high animation sprites? (Bad guys and what not)

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After being spoiled by perkristians high animation wad (weapons) I'm wondering if anyone is doing high animation work of all the animated sprites (bad guys, pickups, etc.)?

Why not convert the original sprites to 3d models and work from there. Not only could we have high animation sprites (simply make low resolution 3D models, use original sprite animations as reference and convert back to sprites), but high resolution sprites might be possible (3d models for Doomsday or Doom 3 that look just like original Doom?). I'm more for vanilla low resolution Doom with high animation of course.

I thought this mortal kombat HD project someone is doing might be a good demonstration of making high animation-resolution sprites. Check out the videos:

Here's a gif to a more closeup of a sub-zero http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd155/GM123456/SubZeroHD-walk03_zps2474522e.gif

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