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[Resolved] Doom isn't loading movement speeds from autoexec.cfg

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Sure, I can type it all into the console every time I die or advance a level, not to mention that pressing the up key removes some of the hassle, but I'd much rather have it override as soon as I boot the game.

The .cfg reads as follows:

com_allowconsole 1
seta r_mode -1
seta r_aspectRatio 1
seta r_customHeight 768
seta r_customWidth 1366
seta pm_walkspeed 180
seta pm_runspeed 280
seta pm_crouchspeed 100

The file is in the base folder, and everything loads perfectly except for the movement lines.

If anyone can help, and my problems resolve, then this post can go to hell because it's dumb, and I'm dumb. And to think I was planning to learn how to use the editor. I can't even get this to work!

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Doom 3 reloads pm_* cvars every time it loads the map. So, you need to manually call this cvars after loading the map.

Btw you can extract the player.def from pak000.pk4 in base/def catalog in your doom 3 folder and change the value there.

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Sweet, so should I zip it back with a pk4 extention when I'm done?

I think I get it somewhat. I'm editing the file within 7zip file manager(I backed it up, just in case), but it's not loading what I change.

Totally got it. Thanks for the hints. A whole world has just opened up to me, and that's not even the whole surface of it.

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