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STARCRAFT BROODWAR MAP: Team Micro Arena Revelation

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So, besides the Doom mapping I also always wanted to make really awesome starcraft maps, and soon there may ba a new Team Micro Arena map.

for you who dont know what it is:
Team Micro Arena is about destroying the opponent team Nexus located symetricaly in the oposite location as your teams Nexus. To gain units you select them in a selector area in the begining of the game and during respawn.
When you kill enemy units you gain points, and there are point tresholds where you gain new selection areas and heros.

Why new map?: The Team Micro Arena Legend versions are almost flawless, but it isnt, some hero abilities are utterly unbalanced and forcefully retro homo retarded which means that you can do a super easy meta hero-build
which is impossible to break Also the map so small that you are not given time to do any proper choices if you must think your oponent out before he has a strong grip around your spawning position.

All this, me and a friend atempt to fix with new unit combination builds.

if anyone is intrested in this map then you can add me to friendlist on bnet US EAST: player name: erik.l2

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