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Odamex Saturday Nitro #83 - 32 in 24, Cup and Velocity CTF

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It is time to return back to the competitive nature, so for this week it shall be Capture The Flag. As an extra flavor, there have been whole 3 different WADs included for the maplist, so get ready for some interesting modulation!

Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Euro Session: 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST)
USA Session: 20:00 EST (1:00 GMT)
WAD: 32in24-12.wad, Cupctf.wad, Velocity X
Maps: 21 (Varied)
Mode: CTF
Server: IDL - Chicago / [NL] Funcrusher

If you don't have Odamex installed on your computer, drop by the ]Odamex site and download 0.6.2. Also, don't forget to check out our Odamex Steam Group for easy access to updates and announcements.

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