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Medieval castle/fort wads

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I'm looking for some good maps with a castle/fort theme to them, ie not the usual fire & brimstone of the vanilla hellish maps. Got any suggestions?

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there's some map from 96 i think that was a big brown BIGBRIK fort. it was in d2xgold as map09 maybe? and i remember vinceDSS saying it was one of his favorite maps, but i don't remember the name of it 9_9

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Beware, shameless self-plug: This is a single medium sized level with a green marble fortress theme, with plenty of custom textures. I have made dozens of maps, but this was my first 'official' release. It is well polished and takes about half an hour. On UV it plays extreme, but on HMP it should still be a challenge for the average doomer. Its definitely got the castle/fort theme going on.





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Memfis said:

Castle Nevermore is pretty good too IIRC but I played it like 5 years ago so maybe I'm wrong.

Certainly a good wad. My TnC review can be found here.

There are a huge number of castle wads. A search of the archive for the word Castle will throw up many matches, quite a lot of them relevant.

A few that spring to mind:
Castle of the Renegades 2
Icarus map14
Max Castle
Enigma map09
Big Castle

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