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doom3.wad try my new map

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ok, guys finally finished my first map.
I'll try to get this to be a series to cover the whole first chapter of DooM 3 and try to recreate it using DooM 1.
this first map is monsterless, as is the first 'map' in DooM 3, where you just have to get to marine HQ to be directed to another place. you don't really fight anyone then, you just move around the place marvelling at the wonderful idTech3. well, now you wander around and marvel only at my level design skill, which wouldn't be much, but it's the best I can come up with.
I'll leave you with the file, and let you criticize it:


this map doesn't have any new textures/sounds, and has some acs scripting.
I'm going to upload the next maps as I get them done.

looking forward to see what you guys think about all this.

pablo gener.

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Would've been nice to mention the map "number" is MARSCITY, as I had to open the file up in SLADE3 to see why it wouldn't load. Deatiling is okay, but texture alignment could use some work.

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