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Kontra Kommando

Something weird has happened.

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Hello, does anyone else here use moddb.com? I was curious as to what has happened to the WAD I uploaded to my page. It has been taken down, and when I search for it, it comes up only on Idsoftware's page. Does this mean they own it, and have prevented me from hosting it?

I have e-mailed the admins there, but just hoping somebody here might shed some light on this in the meantime.


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Download seems to work for me. And your WAD is about 500kb - definitely kosher.

By id Software's page, do you mean the banner near the top where it reads "Doom | id Software | Released Dec 8, 1993?" I don't know much about modDB, but maybe that's just there to identify what game your download is for? *Shrug.*

Have you tried asking on modDB's own support forums? Seems like they might know this material better than people here.

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Yea that was me, I had posted the link to the download in the blog area. However the link to the add-on is no longer hosted on my page. Nevertheless, I was able to credit myself as the level designer on the link of id's page. Still waiting on a response from the admins.

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