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do merged sectors have to be close together?

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I'm wasting an awful lot of time hypothesizing a weird plan for a map, and I currently don't have doombuilder here in front of me to test it. But I'm imagining a very MAP16 suburbs-y type map in which the player snatches the key, then retreats to a home base while monsters swarm all over the place.

I was thinking of utilizing the line action "W1 floor starts moving up and down" inside the isolated teleport rooms, so that when the map is played on nightmare, monsters respawn on a platform that's suspended in the air, until it slowly lowers to ground level and they can all step off, simulating monsters respawning in waves instead of rapidly.

I would like for waves to have increasing volumes of monsters, but I'm thinkin it would require multiple isolated teleport ambush rooms, and all the moving platforms would all need to be moving in sync, and the only way I can do that is for them to be merged as one sector. If I had sectors merged together and outside on opposite poles of a play area that would probably span over 6000+ units, would that cause glitches or errors or anything?

I've never heard of merged sectors needing to be close together, but when looking at most maps they are usually within a reasonable distance from each other. I was also wondering if maybe it would cause that bug where bullets start hitting invisible walls in riculously big sectors.

This is just a preliminary question before I go ahead and spend hours making this only for it not to work.

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The code only uses a sector ptr in the sidedef to refer to the sector.
Sectors have no location, only linedefs have locations.
Linedefs that share a sector only use the sector ptr to get the information as to ceiling, floor, and lighting effects.
There are maps such as ic2005.wad with such sector references on opposite sides of the map, because it put all its hidden machinery
well separated in the lower left corner.

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